Expansion Pathology

Founder O. Bucur, Collaborator Y. Zhao, Advisor E.S. Boyden.

Expansion Pathology (ExPath) technology enables detailed investigation of clinical specimens from patients using conventional microscopes by physically expanding the tissues (making the tissue larger) as opposed to time consuming and expensive electron microscopy. This method patented by Drs. Boyden, Zhao, Beck and Bucur and published in Nature Biotechnology (2017) is used to investigate with nanoscale precision changes in the distribution of cellular antigens rapidly and inexpensively, providing a platform for quick and inexpensive detection and analysis of a wide range of diseases.

NanoThermometry, Nano pH

Founder B. Jena

Prof. Jena's published studies establish NanoThermometry approach of molecular and cellular calorimetry as a novel tool to investigate muscle efficiency changes, differentiate normal from tumor cells, and identify the presence of a specific strain of bacteria accurately, rapidly, and cost effectively, for precision treatment to overcoming antimicrobial resistance, which is a major global concern.

Muscle on-a-chip

Founder B. Jena, Collaborator Hongkai Wu

While animal models of disease and drug testing for use in treatment and therapy in human have provided a wealth of information, over 70% of drugs with stellar results in animals demonstrate alarmingly low efficacy in human trials. Since drug testing on humans is prohibitory, Professors Jena and Wu have developed a stretchable microphysiological 3D platform replicating native skeletal muscle, to test how human skeletal muscle respond to various exercise regimes, gene therapy, and drug treatments.